Option 1

Off-Site Consult, 45 minutes $79

Option 2

Off-Site unlimited 7 day consulting $239

Option 3

On site K-9 tracking, trapping, and surveillance.

Equipment We Use

•  Traps (Powder coated) to ensure safety of your pet. We have small & Large sizes. 

• 20 sq ft automatic trap. (Our favorite)

•  Drop traps

•  ATV searches (cases vary)

•  Endoscope cameras.

 • Cellular Trail Cameras 

• Home Surveillance Installation 

• Thermal Imaging

•  Out Tracking K-9 is scent specific, just hand the dog an item of you’re pet. 

• Remains Recovery (K-9 service) 

•  Customized plans of capture for your pet. 

• Mapping 

•  Coyote deterrent spray. We can keep them away for up to 1 month.


We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason necessary.