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Saving Pets & Reuniting Them To Their Homes

About us

Wandering paws started 8 years ago when our own cat (Smitty) went missing. Devastated by the loss we hired a tracker to help find him, after 6 days in the wilderness he was found by the team. I was so intrigued by this service that I wanted to make this my job, and help family’s reunite their lost pets!

Rescued Animals

Our Disclaimer

I’ve been informed that people are attempting to impersonate my company and use platforms such as Whatsapp, Instagram, and others to steal money from people. Please be aware that we do not use these platforms; instead, we only use Facebook, which is linked directly from this website. We’ve also seen items like clothing for sale on Chinese websites. We do not sell any kind of clothing. If you haven’t reached out to me directly at the phone number provided, it’s a scam!


Can a tracking dog still find a track when it has rained?

Yes they can. Rain does not effect a dogs ability to track. 

What advice is good advice?

Many people on Social media give advice but that doesn’t mean it’s good advice and could be harmful. Everyones case varies based on the situation present, terrain, wildlife and several other factors. Consult a professional.

Is hiring a tracker expensive?

That really depends on what the tracker has invested in the business to better improve you‘re chances of finding and catching you’re pet. 

Should I put my cats litter box outside?

NO! Please do not use this advice, it attracts coyotes. 


Do Not trap until you have seen the pet. Trapping is also very dangerous because animals can thrash and injure themselves if the trap is not surpervised.