Endoscopes are a great tool for checking very small spaces for cats. This 15ft wire camera has a light on it to brighten dark spaces so we can see what may or may not be in the structure.

SXS searches. Our RZR XP 1000 high lifter is the ultimate mud performance and all terrain vehicle. This machine can go through thick terrain and get us where we need to be when working in extreme rural locations. 

Trail cameras, we use only the best cellular trail cameras so you never miss a thing. These cameras send pictures and or videos to your phone from anywhere as they run off cell tower service such as Verizon, ATT, Sprint. Unlike the cheap SD card cameras where you have to physically go out to the location of the camera take the SD card out, bring it home and put it in a computer to check is absolutely outrageous and time consuming because time is of the essence in any lost pet situation. Our cellular cameras offer convenience and reliability always.

Thermal imaging, this can be a great addition to some cases while searching for your pet. We can provide the imaging on a case by case basis. 

Our one of a kind 20 sq ft trap was custom built with a door that swings closed like a regular house door. This trap is automatic, once the animal walks in the door will close. This trap works great for cats that have been trapped before and are what we call “ trap savvy”.

Coyote repellent, we use a specific brand that has shown to be very effective in keeping them away while we are working for lost pets. 

Drop traps are an effective way to catch wary or shy cats that are too smart for most live traps. With this trap you are able to control who you catch especially if you have a lot of skunks, possums and other critters around. 

The 42D Homesteader Deluxe is used for medium dogs, and cats. It features a rear door for easy baiting and animal release. Quality built to last, no sticky hinges, springs or exposed metal. Positive-catch door lock, a unique self-locking design and powder coated for durability.

We reserve the right to deny service to anyone for any reason necessary.